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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  April 6, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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good afternoon iring's i am tori campbell, oakland have confirmed they have found the gun used in the school
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shooting. the discovery came this morning from the far from the scene of the shooting. tara moriarty joins us live to explain what this means. >> reporter: we are in front of the university, where within the past 10 minutes a banner went up and they are getting ready for a performance but the big news is authorities have found what they believe is the murder weapon. reportedly someone was walking along a waterway sometime over the past two days and found a magazine, that location is less than a mile from the school where the shooting happened. we noticed foot prints in the mud near where police found the handgun this morning around 5:30. the spot is on the north side of the martin luther king , jr., regional shoreline, where dive teams have been searching earlier this week. oak oakland police chief released a statement saying they have worked hard on this case, hopefully this find will help
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the families find closure and bring this case to justice. sources say one goh was trying to target a former assistant director of the nursing program. police say he was angry because he could not get his tuition refunded after he dropped out. he didn't realize that she no longer worked there, he has confessed and police believe they have one more piece to the puzzle. investigators say the serial number of the weapon does match the gun that he bought in february but further testing needs to be done in order to determine if was the gun that was used in the shootings. we have talked to the d.a.'s office. they are making no comment but say their top priority right now is getting ready no court. here at the university classes are expected to resume in two weeks. live from oakland, tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> oakland as fans are remembering the victims of the
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shooting at today's home opener, this morning they put up a message board and asked other fans to write condolences to the families of the victims, earlier debra hey was at the site near the school where people have been leaving flowers and notes along with other items. >> hopefully the school will you know kind of pull itself together and keep doing what it is doing you know to try to you know better -- better people's lives by giving them education and everything. >> eda korean pastor came and left a bible near the shooting scene in memory of the dead. you can go to to learn more about all of the victims of the shooting rampage. if you click on the school shooting tab you will find their photos and stories of each individual's life. fremont police are looking for the person who shot and killed a 20-year-old man outside and apartment complex on season trail avenue late last night. allie rasmus was the first reporter on the scene between joseph street and duster berry
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way at 4:30 this morning. neighbors told her they called police after they heard and argument and gunfire before 11:00 p.m. officers found the man lying in the driveway with a head wound wound. he died at the hospital. they are trying to find witnesses. at this hour fire crews in virginia are battling an apartment fire touched off by the cash of a navy fighter jet. it went down in a residential area of virginia beach three hours ago. the two crew members on board ejected before it smashed into an apartment complex. three people were hurt, including the pilot and at least one person on the ground. one building was engulfed in flames. but emergency responders say the pilot avoided causing an even bigger fire because he dumped much of the jet's fuel before the crash. in san francisco 72 fugitives are under arrest
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after a citywide enforcement operation. allie rasmus joins us live to let us know the focus. >> reporter: they were looking for fugitives and they were wanted for a range of crimes. >> career criminals, active gang members, violent gang members, domestic violence suspects, all the way down to public nuisance. >> reporter: wednesday afternoon a group of 70 officers swept through all of the city's districts and this morning police announced they arrested 72 people. 50 had outstanding felony warrants, 17 had parole violations, five wanted on misdemeanor charges, the chief says these types of sweeps serve as a deter ant. >> it has the collateral effect or chilling effect on the
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people that know they are wanted because they know we are keeping track, we have a list and continue to search daily. >> the chief acknowledged there have been high profile homicides in san francisco, specifically the murder of five people on thing gel side district but he says despite that crime across the board including violent crime is flat compared to a year ago, last year there were 17, have been 1 allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. >> the search is expanding for sierra lamar, search teams were in san martin and gilroy yesterday. they believe she was kidnapped close to her on march 16th. until yesterday the search focused around her home but as we reported at noon yesterday dogs have now been brought in and the next community volunteer search is set for tomorrow at 8:00 a.m.
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and san francisco 49er's quarterback al, alex smith is participated to participate. the suspended sheriff had a brief court hearing this morning but it was his comments outside the court that got a loft attention. rob roth joins us to explain. >> reporter: the suspended sheriff choked bacterias outside court this mornings a he spoke of his wife and their son, who are now out of the country. >> i miss them terribly, and -- and i want them to be okay. the city should never -- i am sorry, i mean make anybody feel uninvited. >> she is visiting venezuela with her son published an opinion piece in the chronicle. because of a court order they have not been allowed to have ancontact. in the article she wrote, they do not let us talk but you can read here from me that i love
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you. >> i view that, her op ed quite frankly as a love letter. it is about the best love letter i have received in this 13 weeks and i think it is a message for us to all stay strong -- >> -- parenting and counseling sessions, he has pleaded guilty to false imprisonment related to a domestic violence incident and has been suspended from sheriff and faces dismissal hearings. also in this letter he called it a cue detat and it is politically motivated. >> we take that seriously and investigate it. we put a case together and presented it to the district attorney for a decision. >> reporter: he is back in court next month for another progress report and he says he plans to fight his suspension
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in the courts and before the san francisco ethics commission. live in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. >> the founder of oaksster dam university plans to give up ownership. he made that decision after this week's raid there. mornings on 2 was first to report on that monday morning. agents seized nearly everything inside the business, including pot plants, bank account records and computers, oakster dam university remains open. it is america's first marijuana trade school. ahead good news about jobs, but is it good enough? the question is will the bay area have its first sunny weekend days in a while, rosemary orosco has the answer and looking at more rain as part of the forecast. [ singing ]
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>> and a good friday tradition leads to arrest in the east bay.
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>> -- were arrested this morning during a protest
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outside the main gate of the lawrence livermore national laboratory. we were there as the religious and anticipate nuclear groups held their annual good friday vigil at the lab. they are demanding the u.s. stop developing and storing nuclear weapons. >> try and get our government to stop spending money on weapons. we need that money because our people are struggling for healthcare, for schools and for having for roads that are not full of pot holes. >> the group has carried out the protest every good friday for the last three decades. a labor department report released today on unemployment shows bittersweet results for march. the unemployment rate fell slightly to 8.2%. that is the lowest since january 2009. however, analysts say it was mostly due to people who dropped out of the labor market and stopped looking for jobs. most experts expected the rate to hold steady at 8.3%. they had also forecast the economy would add at least
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200,000 jobs last month. instead only 120,000 new jobs were created. president obama addressed the jobs report this morning, saying the job market will still face ups and downs on the path to economic recovery. the president made those comments during a white house conference on women and their role in the economy. he talked about the importance of restoring economic security for the middle class and ensuring that women are given the same earning opportunities as men. >> when more women are bringing home the bacon but bringing home less of it than men who are doing the same work, that weakens, families, communities, tough on our kids, and weakens our entire economy. >> as part of the forum the white house is also releasing a report examining the ways in which the administration has worked to ensure women's economic security and job creation. the republican presidential candidates are looking ahead to the five primaries held later
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this month. newt gingrich took his campaign to delaware today, where he is hoping to win the support of conservative voters. delaware, along with new york, connecticut, rhode island and pennsylvania, hold primaries on april 24th. pennsylvania is rick santorum's home state but recent polls show it will be a close race there. his once double digit lead has disappeared. he now holds a single digit advantage over mitt romney. santorum still poises a challenge to romney, though a week one, he has 281 delegates, romney has 658, more than half of those needed for the nomination. a fire is being investigated. it started this morning inside the cafe at a strip mall there. firefighters believe the fire started in the kitchen. the restaurant was closed at the time and no firefighters or anyone else was hurt. it took about 30 minutes to put the fire out.
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no other businesses at the strip mall were effected. an experienced skydiver is dead after a parachute malfunction in san joaquin county. the owner of lodi parachute center says the victim's first parachute opens but malfunctioned and his back up did not open. he landed in a vine yard. he was not identified but friends said he was 70 and was an experienced skydiver who had jumped thousands of times, a faa administration is investigating. the sacramento d.a.'s office is being criticized for locking up the teenaged victim of an alleged rape. prosecutors say they locked up the 17-year-old girl to make sure she testifies in the case. she failed to show up at a preliminary hearing and has a history of running away. the d.a.'s office says the alleged rapist is likely to rape again unless he is convicted. the girl has been in juvenile
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hall for the past two weeks, a hearing today will determine if she should be set free. a man suspected of robbing several bay area banks has been arrested. 22-year-old jeremy morton was arrested during a traffic stop in sacramento county. morton is believed to have robbed banks in concord, oakland, san leandro, livermore and stockton between february and march of this year. a car stuck on oakland railroad tracks near jefferson street overnight this. happened just before 1:00 a.m. the driver was apparently not familiar with the area and made a wrong turn. one freight train had to stop while emergency crews removed the vehicle. the scene was cleared in about 45 minutes. several new options are now under consideration to stop erosion at san francisco's ocean beach. the chronicle reports the army corps of engineers is considering pumping sand to the hardest hit erosion zones at
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the beach to form a sunday dune. however that would cost 5 to 8 million dollars and would only be a temporary solution because the dune would wash away. another idea calls for closing the great highway south of it to allow more inland erosion. >> fair skies and warmer weather is filling into the bay area on friday. giving you a live look at the golden gate. just a beautiful start to the weekend. a warming trend. we will see the opportunity for rain. i am going to show you that in just a moment. 56 concord, 54 livermore, 50s oakland, hayward right about 53, 54 san francisco, low 50s santa rosa, napa, our highs will be three to six degrees warmer than yesterday, so that will be an improvement for many of us. satellite radar will have light winds for today. not expecting gusty conditions
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we saw. look what is behind me. this is the system moving coastward. by sunday a possibility of maybe rain over the north bay and then it is going to hang on and stick us with the possibility of unsettled weather through next week as well. your forecast. we will pick it up easter morning. 9:00, notice high clouds, by 4 moving into sonoma county but we are still dry. if this continues this track easter is a dry one and the temperatures won't be bad either but into the evening hours, especially the north bay going to see rain. sunday, 11:00 p.m. and south of the golden gate south of i-80 still with dry conditions, monday we will have a chance. tuesday it looks like rain a possibility. to sum it up mostly sunny skies warmer conditions today and warmer tomorrow. it is a pleasant weekend. then into easter sunday the high clouds increase, showers perhaps over the north bay. it looks like late in the afternoon. partly cloudy skies over the south bay.
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for today 59 expected for san francisco, 64 redwood city, mid- 60s san jose, inland temperatures low to mid 60s around concord, livermore, 64 antioch, the north bay today 63 napa, 64 santa rosa, 62 san rafael. again abundant sunshine and it will feel good. if you are heading out for the game, 7:15, it is a chilly evening, starting in the low 50s but by the end of the game 48, 49. so bring that jacket. there is your extended forecast. we do have the rain on the icon for sunday, but notice the afternoon highs, 60s not too bad and overnight lows not as bad as recently, 30s to low 40s. >> we could get rain. >> we could use it and we are unsettled on and off. >> thanks. >> you got it.
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>> they are ready for baseball. the as opened their season yesterday but tonight the home opener is here. first pitch against the mariners at 7:05 tonight. the as and mariners have already played half their series each team won a game in japan last week and finishing up their series after a break. >> we got mccarthy throwing tonight, colon throwing tomorrow night. they looked spectacular in japan, it is the home debut of the cuban player who looks sensational, a lot of exciting players on the team. >> the as are expecting a full house tonight. there will be a navy jet fly over and a color guard. the giants are getting ready to open their season at 4:10 this afternoon. watch the game for free inside at&t park. the gates open at 3:00 and are special give-aways. the giants home opener is next
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friday against the pirates. the sharks are playoff bound. they cline wer clinched their spot and topped it off with a win. they beat the kings 6-5 in a shootout. the same two teams play in san jose tomorrow night in a final game of the season. the sharks and kings are at the top of the pacific division and phoenix is just one point behind them. a sharks victory tomorrow would give san jose the title if phoenix is unable to pick up three points in its final two games. and you will hear some good news about a bay area transit system that has been struggling financially. plus you will hear from the bay area singer who was trying to be the next american idol but hit the end of the line.
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a quick note here stock markets are closed today. construction of a smart train project is set to begin soon in santa rosa. workers will rebuild railroad lines on april 27th in preparation for smart commuter trains that will run from santa rosa to san rafael. an extension north to cloverdale is also in the works but that would come later. cal train says ridership is up and continues to grow. the transit agency says ridership was up 12% last year compared to the year before and that is inspite of higher fares
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and service cuts. it is the second year in a row that ridership has increased. even so cal train is still facing money problems. it was the end of the line last night for the san jose teenager competing on american idol. 17-year-old deandrey left after an 80s performance, he had the support of jennifer lopez but not the others. he says he is taking it in stride. >> i am just so appreciative of just all you guys just loving and the fan mail, just everything and just all the support. i love it. thank you so much. >> he talked to us live during mornings on 2. he says he is now looking forward to going to his senior prom at san jose's oak grove high school and going on tour with the rest of the final 10 contestants of
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american idol. tonight at 5:00 the reappearing salmon, we are with the salmon fisherman getting ready to fish tomorrow. what biologists are predicting this year that could make it the best in years. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we will see you the next time news breaks, be sure to join us at 5 and we are always here for you on and mobile, have a great weekend. send comments to captions by terry james, caption colorado, llc.
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